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What is this?[edit source]

Title Digital resource directory for digital transformation within Scotland's environment sector.
Description In time, this section will grow to include resources to support digital transformation within the environment sector in Scotland. Use this space to share descriptions and links to existing resources in Scotland that you feel could be useful for others.
Type Project output

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The resources below are categorised according to the three approaches proposed on the concept page, improved science, slicker operations and better engagement, plus digital support resources.

Most recently added resources[edit | edit source]

Blog Project output
WaterBear Better engagement
Data infrastructure for Scotland Improved science
CAST Digital support
Digital Skills for Heritage Digital support
Civic AI - Dark Matter Labs Digital support
ArcGIS StoryMaps Better engagement Digital support
Project output Project output
Interactive sharing and learning workshop Project output
Website planning Project output Blog
Charity Digital Code of Practice Digital support
SEFARI Gateway Improved science
Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels Better engagement
Digital talent and development Digital support
Statement of ambition Project output Blog Digital support
Shared licences for access to data Improved science
Great British Beach Clean (Marine Conservation Society) Better engagement
BirdTrack project Better engagement
Cambridge Conservation Initiative Improved science
Sea Mammal Research Unit Improved science
Natural England - MENE survey Storymap Better engagement
Scotland's Environment Web Better engagement
TCV Scotland Citizen Science Better engagement
Digital Office: Scottish Local Government Slicker operations
Realising Scotland's full potential in a digital world Digital support
Scottish Government Data Delivery Group Better engagement
SCVO Scotland’s Essential Digital Skills Toolkit Digital support
SCVO Senior Leaders Programme 2020 Digital support
The Data Lab Digital support
Scotland's Digital Future Digital support
Space Intelligence Ltd. Improved science
SDG Scotland Network Better engagement
Sustainable Scotland Network Better engagement
SATIN Better engagement
National Biodiversity Network Atlas Scotland Slicker operations
Digital support Project output
Better engagement Project output
Slicker operations Slicker operations
Improved science Project output
The Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum Review Improved science
Supporting people through digital transformation Digital support
Digital resource knowledge bank Project output
Inspiring Digital Transformation within the Environment Sector in Scotland Project output
Planning webinar with eNGOs in Scotland Project output
Concept for digital transformation Project output Blog